City council votes for second reading on needle exchange program

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Clarksburg city council held a regular meeting to discuss old and new business. One of the topics that council and the community spoke about was the possibility of regulating the sale, marketing, and distribution of syringes and needles.

City council votes on second reading to discuss more on the needle exchange program and possible regulations for the sale and marketing of needles and syringes.

The first reading of the ordinance was approved by council and a second reading will be held to discuss more on what council could do to improve the impact of the harm reduction program and how it could lead to changes for the city.

"The program as its currently operating in our opinion is creating some negatives," said Mayor of Clarksburg, Ryan Kennedy. "We're trying to eliminate the negatives while still retaining some positives."

Kennedy says the goal of the possible regulations is to help keep the community safe and says that the public comments on the ordinance will be looked into.

"Two weeks or so until our next meeting, the council can decide to amend the reading if it wants to tweak the ordinance," said Kennedy.

The executive director of the Harrison-Clarksburg health department, Jospeph Bundy, spoke his concerns at the meeting on what would happen if the regulations were put into effect and says the health department is willing to work with the council on the possible changes.

"Hopeful that we will be called back to the table," said Bundy. "We just want the opportunity to come back to the table and have discussions about how we can make this program better."