City of Elkins gears up for weekend snow storm

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ELKINS, W. Va. (WDTV) - On Friday, the roads in Elkins are pretty much drive-able, but during the weekend, residents will see more snow than what's there now.

"We're centrally located in the mountains," said Elkins Mayor Van Broughton.

As four to eight inches are expected to fall in Randolph County on Saturday night, the city of Elkins street department is preparing for what's to come.

"We have the salt ready, of course it's the weekend but we have the man power," he said.

And what consists of that man power?

Mayor Broughton says around eight to ten staff members and nearly seven plow trucks, will be ready to make Elkins safe during this storm.

If needed, employees from other departments will be on standby.

"The past I've seen snow really up to my knees, and it's really hard to work with," he said.

But he says during snow storms, residents prepare in advance and even help each other out in time of need.

"One business person might grab a shovel or help somebody shovel out," he said.

Also, part of the city's population are students from Davis and Elkins College, so the city will be hands on deck to clean up downtown so students can safely head to restaurants and other shops if they need.