City officials working on plan for new sidewalk to ensure student safety

BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - Johnson Avenue is a busy road with a lot of foot traffic- usually students.

Many of those students walk from nearby neighborhood Woodside Heights to school every day, but parents worry that their path isn't safe.

Andrea Kerr, Bridgeport's director of community and economic development, says this has been an issue for years.

"We've been talking about it for many years and we're talking with the board of education right now," Kerr said

While there is a walkway across the street from Woodland Heights, it isn't easy to access without any safe crossing points across the busy road.

"We don't like to see people crossing there," Kerr said "There is a blind turn and people tend to use excessive speed going through there so we do want to keep the students coming from hall street on that side of the street,"

And connecting Woodside Heights to the local elementary school wouldn't be a huge project, Kerr says.

"It won't be as big or as cumbersome of a project as it once would have been when Johnson (elementary) was further down the road," Kerr said "So we'd only be looking at putting in about 30 feet of sidewalk,"

Ideally, the new sidewalk will be placed behind the guardrail on board of education property.

"We're talking to the DOH and the board of education about possibly putting the sidewalk behind the guardrail which would be on board of education property,"

Kerr says the project is purely focused on keeping students safe.

"We really wanted to do this project with the safety of students in mind," Kerr said "We would just like to keep the students safe as they maneuver to and from school every day,"