Clarksburg Community Action continues to works to take back the streets

HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- The Clarksburg Community Action organization met at the Stanley Tech Institute to clean up various streets in Clarksburg on Saturday.

Picking up litter is something many may consider helpful in a community, but for this group of individuals, it goes beyond picking up trash.

Each group of volunteers grabs a vest, a trash grabber and a trash bag. From there, volunteers split up in the designated area to collect trash or knock on doors.

They knock on doors to inform those in the area on how to report a crime or drug activity.

"We're cleaning up our streets and taking back our streets," Wayne Worth, from Clarksburg Community action said.

The organization focuses on many ongoing problems such as addiction, mental health, condemned housing and employment.

Since April of 2018, they continue to work to provide a safer, healthier, and and cleaner community.

"We provide that added support," Worth said.

"We're not just watching the crime happen and reporting it, we're reaching out to neighbors, knocking on their doors empowering them with information on how they can report crime," he said. "And if they don't feel comfortable reporting those crimes, we report it for them."

Those helping to achieve the organizations goal already see a difference.

"There are less drug paraphernalia that we're finding, less trash being left out, and that alone is a testament," Tracy Brady said.

A difference they believe is necessary.

"If the town keeps dwindling there's not going to be much left for anybody, so we just to take our town back and make it a better place," Faith Bogumil said.

"We provide that visibility, we provide that hope, and then we get to know neighbors, neighbors start talking with one another, we expose the criminal element and then they move on," Worth said.

The group currently meets every Saturday. For information on the organization or their schedule, you can visit their website.

Anyone looking to send a tip in for a crime in your community, you can visit the West Virginia crime stoppers website.