Clarksburg History Museum celebrates Stonewall Jackson's birthday

HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- The Clarksburg History Museum held a public celebration for the birthday of Stonewall Jackson on Saturday afternoon.

There were refreshments and cake for guest to enjoy.

A Stonewall Jackson impersonator shared Jackson's story and what it was like during his time.

The museum also had new artifacts put out for the public to see.

Those in attendance say it's a great reminder of our local history.

"As a military person, I'm glad that they're honoring general Stonewall Jackson because people like him and Woody Williams really brought honor to our state," said a former Sargent for the United States Army, David Tucker.

A volunteer at the museum, John Stopiak agrees and said overall it's great to have people visit the museum to see all it has to offer.

"The real purpose is to get people downtown to the museum," Stopiak said.

The Clarksburg History Museum has many events planned for 2020, you can visit their Facebook page for the full list.