Clarksburg Man Wants Road Repaired

Aaron Gain views the property on Snake Hollow Road in Clarksburg as a family treasure.

"It's been in the family for 70 some years," Gain said. "The farm is like 489 acres back to my house."

Gain doesn't live at the property, but drives every day to see his daughter and granddaughters, transport livestock, and help maintain the property. Lately, however, the erosion of the road leading up to the property has frustrated Gain. His grandson agrees.

"It needs fixing," Austin said.

Gain says he has called the Division of Highways numerous times over the past two years, but he has not gotten much back in response.

"It's tearing up my family's vehicles, and when we call the the DOH, it's 'well, you're on this list,'" Gain said.

Gain said that although some workers came about three months ago to patch up part of the road, they have not been back since.

"We live fifteen minutes away [from DOH offices]," Gain said. "It's not like we live on the southern or northern end of the county."

Upon contacting the Division of Highways, 5 News was referred to Ray Urse, District Four Manager.

Urse said that he did not recognize Gain's name. In addition, because Gain did not know the route number of his road, Urse did not want to comment on the specific matter without knowing a precise location.

Raymond Tackett, District Four Realty Manager, told 5 News he would look at county records in an effort to determine if the property is within their jurisdiction.