Clarksburg Task Force considers financial adviser

Published: Nov. 15, 2019 at 1:31 AM EST
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Abandoned structures and security cameras were just two of the main points that were the topics of discussion at the Clarksburg Task Force meeting.

After their first meeting back in October, the group split up into teams to focus on city issues they felt were most important.

The teams presented their research and discussed the benefits.

They also tied in their own personal experience with the issues to further their case.

One member of the task force brought up the idea to bringing a financial adviser to the team, in hopes to figure out what goals are financially attainable.

"A lot of the things that were presenting here, ya know its gonna cost money. we want to know realistically how much money we can work with. The councils got a lot on their plate already so we kind of want to "T it up" for them to where if they like it, it's already in motion or they can just push it forward," said task member, Jerry Riffle.

Riffle brought the idea up towards the end of the meeting, so the idea was not discussed too much.

However, Riffle plans to bring it back up at the next task meeting in December and show how it was be beneficial to the Task Force, Clarksburg council, and residents.

The next task meeting will be held December 4th where the group will begin putting their ideas and plans into writing for the council.

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