Clarksburg Task Force considers "Adopt a Block" program

Published: Dec. 5, 2019 at 12:51 AM EST
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The Clarksburg Task Force has a new idea in the works for neighborhood safety in the community.

Members call it the "adopt a block" program.

The program will bring together police and residents of neighborhood houses to keep a look out for any suspicious activity.

The task force knows there's already an abundance of programs that join together police forces with community members.

But they say the main difference will be the responsibility it will require from the residents.

A good way to think of the Adopt a Block program is kind of like Adopt a Highway.

Residents who reside in the neighborhood will have the responsibility to upkeep their section, and call professionals should a dangerous individual be lurking.

Now, task members want it to be clear this program is not going to be a tattle tale system to report people they don't know.

It's also going to require that neighborhood residents don't just rely on the city to clean up their communities.

Although the city will continue to help, residents must also lend a hand every once in a while.

Task force member, Shell Hoskenson says they hope residents would gain some respect for their neighborhoods if this program goes through to council.

"Cause if their involved then their going to take more responsibility for their community and also have a little pride and protect their properties. We would look forward to any members of the community getting involved because none of these programs can be successful without the involvement of the community and the people that live in the city," said Hoskinson.

The task force knows they still have a good amount of planning to do before this program can go into effect, but they feel pretty good about it.

The Task Force's next meeting will be December 12th.

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