UPDATE: Clarksburg man arraigned on murder charges of 7-year-old

William Clyde Jeffries
William Clyde Jeffries(WDTV)
Published: Feb. 21, 2018 at 3:42 PM EST
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William Clyde Jeffries has been arraigned on the alleged murder of seven-year-old Conrad Roger "C.R." Diaz.

According to the criminal complaint, Jeffries confessed to killing Diaz on June 24, 1981 in the North View section of Clarksburg

Jeffries is on the sex offender registry list. He was convicted in 2002 on 3rd-degree sexual assault and third-degree sexual abuse.The victim was a young teenage boy. Jeffries served two and a half years behind bars for those crimes.


According to officials from the Harrison County Sheriff's Office and West Virginia State Police, a Clarksburg man has been arrested for the 1981 murder of a 7-year-old.

William Clyde Jeffries, 53, of Clarksburg has been arrested for the murder of 7-year-old Conrad Roger "C.R." Diaz

According to a joint press release, the cold case was reopened after discussions with the Harrison County Prosecutors Office. Officials say additional evidence was discovered when reviewing the case.