A new storm this weekend. Rain, ice, and snow possible. Who see what, and when?

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - Rain, ice, and snow all possible on Sunday. It will be quite cold Sunday morning and initially, snow is what most of us will get. However, there could be ice mixed in for a time in higher valleys east of I-79. The cold air sunken into low spots is hard to remove with lighter, warmer air moving in. So, sleet and freezing rain may occur for a time.

As temperatures continue to warm, snow and ice will turn to rain. There could be some light accumulations before the turn. The bulk of the precipitation will be rain with this event.

As we head toward sunset on Sunday, colder air will be moving in from the west. This will turn rain back to snow. With much of the storm's moisture gone by that time, however, only limited accumulation can occur.

Temperatures will fall sharply Sunday night into Monday morning. Dropping into the lower 20s.

Another storm system for the middle of next week can bring similar conditions of rain, ice, and snow. This is due to the center of the storm passing through WV. The center of the storm is where the cold and warm air meet. This means that a wide range of temperatures and precipitation types are possible.