Community asks drivers to change driving habits on Grafton Road

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Those who live and work along Grafton Road in Morgantown have taken to social media to address issues they've noticed with certain driving habits.

They're asking others who drive that route to not only take it slower, but also pay more attention to the road.

"People just randomly slam on their brakes, people not using turn signals, there are people turning on their turn signals last minute," said Jon Hebb. "That happens a lot, people playing on their cell phones."

They say it's an issue not just about speeding, but also maybe even people going too slow.

"They put in those 35 mile per hour advisory speed limit signs, and now constantly people slam on their brakes to slow down to 35," Hebb said. "That's causing more issues because someone could rear end you."

The posts began to flood through social media a few hours after an accident took the life of someone not too far from where many of these people live and work. They want not only their neighbors, but outsides, to know they're tired of ongoing problems with unsafe habits.

"Everybody's just in a rush," said Kyra Pettit. "They're always probably running late, always trying to get where they need to go, nobody wants to be patient and everybody's always so distracted by their cell phones."

"People trying to pass, a lot of texting," said Ron Blosser. "They definitely don't pay attention. We've got a lot of bikes going up and down the road, and a couple of cars pull out in front of us on our bikes."

5 News had the opportunity to sit on the road with a deputy from the Monongalia County Sheriff's Office. The speed limit where we were sitting was 55 miles per hour.

"People need to just pay attention," said Deputy E. Pintus. "It's not just distracted driving with cell phones. People are distracted by conversations in the car, they're distracted by other things going on. People just need to be attentive to everything around them."