Community celebrates Jack Rollins during lantern release

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - Earlier this week we told you Wednesday marked one year since the passing of little Jack Rollins. A child in Harrison County who fought a long battle with cancer.

But, it was also the day the Rollins' family announced the Jack Strong Foundation -- a nonprofit charity that will look to raise funds to bring encouragement and bravery to families affected by this disease.

While Wednesday was a somber day for the family to remember Jack, Friday, the family wanted the community to join them in celebrating his life with a lantern release.

Many turned out for the release. Everyone was decked out in their Jack Strong shirts and favorite superhero gear.

The family tells us the support from the community has helped them tremendously.

"Actually, it's overwhelming. I can't believe everyone remembers his one-year-anniversary, still wants to come out and make it special with us," said Brooke Rollins, Jack's mother.

"It's very heart warming to see all the support," added Sharon Petrie, Jack's aunt.

"We're hoping to get the same kind of support from the community to help these other families going through what we went through," said Rollins.

There's no doubt that Jack left a lasting impression. His courage and bravery proved he was truly a superhero. And judging by the turnout for the lantern release, this hero will never be forgotten.