Community cleaning up after local park targeted by vandals

PRESTON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- "I just said get out because I didn't even want them to see it," said Britney Titus and member of town council and a park user.

This was the reaction for many who walked through Reedsville Town Park Thursday morning. Symbols of hate and other messages were spray painted on trees, rocks and in the bathroom.

"Whenever I saw that there were swastikas, then I felt really disgusted," said Titus.

For years, Titus and other community members have spent time cleaning up the park and making it a safe place for families. The vandalized property prompted an immediate clean up effort.

"I took a gallon of paint thinner and did my best to get it off the rocks and off the block inside of the restroom," said neighbor, Rodney Wolfe.

Written clearly on the wall beside a curse word and a swastika are the letters that stand for West Preston School and Preston High School.

"It means so much more than those kids probably realize. They don't understand the gravity of what that symbol is and I don't want that associated with us at all," said Titus.

The graffiti wasn't the only thing left behind. Police found the paint can used in the park with two partial fingerprints visible on the can.

"it's unacceptable," said Wolfe.

"We've spent so much time trying to beautify this place and make it look nice and a safe place for kids to come play," said Wolfe's wife, Brandy Wolfe.

Titus says she's been working with police to find out who did this and that those responsible will face the consequences.

"We just have a group of kids that are maybe a little bored and need to find some good community service," said Titus.

A $100 reward and a $500 reward have been offered to anyone who has information on who did it.