Community comes together to help family after fatal fire destroyed their home

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CLARKSBURG, W. Va (WDTV) - The image of the smoke scorching a home in Clarksburg has been replaying in the minds of many in the community, after a two story home located along Austin Avenue engulfed in flames Tuesday morning, claiming a life.

This also left a family of 12 homeless, and in 24 hours many stepped up to help the family in need.

"It's absolutely critical that we learn to love and take care of one another," said Pastor Michael Holyfield from the First Church of God, who went to the home after the incident, and found the unexpected.

"I discovered that they were people I was familiar with," he said.

With help from his congregation, as well as the Evangel Baptist Church in Bridgeport, and other churches, they made several phone calls to companies and to locals in order to get some food, shelter, and clothes.

"We have commitments from local businesses that have already provided things," he said.

Now they're asking the community to provide some more assistance and items that can help the family get back on their feet.

"The biggest thing is clothing, for the children. They have five school aged children," he said.

This is what they're currently asking:

- 2 toddler girl - 8-9 child shoes, 9 boots
- 2 toddler boy - 8-9 child shoes, 9 boots
- 3 toddler boy - 10 boys shoes, 10.5 boys boots
- 5 regular, 6 toddler boy - 11 boys shoes, 11.5 boys boots
- 10 boys pants, medium shirt, 5 boys shoes, 5 1/2 boots
- 10 boys pants, medium shirt, 5 1/2 shoes, 6 boots
- 16-18 women pants, XL shirt misses, 5.5 lady shoes, 6 lady boots
- 32-34 men pants, large men shirt, 13 men shoes, 13.5 boots
- 14-16 ladies pants, ladies large shirt, 7.5 shoes, 8 boots

For more information and how to donate, call:
Gig Fragale 304-920-9757
Mike Holyfield 304-624-6270

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