Community starts GoFundMe to help family who lost dogs, house in tragic fire

HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- After a Sunday morning fire devastated a family in Bridgeport, many people are coming together to help pick up the pieces. Joe and Stephanie Earley lost their home and their two dogs in the fire, now their neighbors want to help them.

Twyla Strogen, a neighbor and friend of the family says she went through a house fire when she was younger and says that losing a home is devastating.

"My house burned when I was 12-years-old," said Strogen. "It's devastating."

That's when Strogen and a mutual friend decided to start a Go Fund Me account to raise money for what the family lost. Strogen says that they are close to the goal and says the support from the community is amazing.

"$4,785 right now, we had initially set a goal of $5,000," said Strogen. "We set that Sunday evening, so people have just been outstanding.

Strogen says that all the funds will be directly given to the family and says that any other donations are welcome.

"Donations, people bringing things to the door, gift cards and items and passing on thoughts and prayers," said Strogen. "Everybody's really been kind in their hour of need."

For more information on how to help the Earley family, you can find the Go Fund Me link to the right of this page.