Community members fighting to fix skate park

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Uneven payment and rusting equipment has made Clarksburg's skatepark unsafe for members of the community.

Gerrit Dodd has lived in Clarksburg his entire life.

One of his favorite hobbies is skating, something that has been controversial in the city over the years.

In 2005 Clarksburg passed an ordinance regulating skaters to only using property where they had written permission- part of the deal was that the city would provide a designated skate park, which, due to complaints moved from several spots around the city until it's current location behind the baseball fields in Veteran's Memorial park.

"Part of that compromise was, that's when the talk of a skate park started happening," Dodd said "And then it hopscotched for years, to three different spots, and now it's been neglected ever since,"

Dodd made a post on a clarksburg community facebook page about the skate park, which has since gotten dozens of resposes from the community.

Some of the issues include crumbling concrete, uneven ramps, and rusting platforms.

Dodd says creating and maintaining the skate park should be seen as an investment in the community.

"It's the same reason you have any other kind of park or public works area, it's investing in your community and supporting what they want to do,"

While dodd understands there are many issues facing the city, he believes making safe parks a priority is still important.

"Because it's how you invest in your people, and with all the issues going on, people need a different escape,"

As the park currently stand there's pieces chipping off of the skate park ramp, making uneven surfaces, that can lead to injuries for those using it.

The members of the community speaking out against this hope that city council will be able to take some funding to help make sure this park is safe for everyone.