Community reacts to tragic accident in Harrison County

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) -- It was a different scene on Route 19 near Meadowbrook Road on Dec. 20. This was different from the tragic scene a day before.

At first, it was said one person died after a car veered off the road and plunged over an embankment.

Hours later, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office confirmed there were actually four fatalities and the community reacted...

“I feel terrible when something like this happens,” said Joshua Rolen.

He says he was watching television before heading to work when he heard what happened.

“I hope for the family of that fatality victim to get through this hard time. I know how it is to lose somebody,” he said.

Other locals expressed the same laments over this accident.

“I felt very sad and I want to express my condolences to the victim’s family,” said Ilhamjon Umaraliev.

Many hours have passed, but details on the accident are still under investigation.

Locals say they’re praying for the victim’s loved ones during this tough time.

“I wish these kind of situations won’t happen no more,” said Umaraliev.

“My heart goes all of the four victims’ families and I hope that they can get through this,” said Rolen.