Community shocked after man dies in Ritchie County

RITCHIE COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- "Why can't we all just get along"

A community is shocked and upset after a Ritchie County man was shot and killed Tuesday morning.

Officials say that Brian Cronin and Johnny Gregg were in a dispute with each other and ended when Gregg shot Cronin in the ACE Home Center parking lot around 10 am.

Several residents including Zachary Rollins says he didn't know the victim personally but says that he has friends that worked with the victim and feels for the family and their loss.

"Its sad you know something unexpected like that happens," said Rollins. "You know have family members taken from you its always going to be sad."

Rollins says that tons of people in the area are also sad about what happened and say that people wont stop talking about the incident.

"I work close to here and everybody there has been talking about it today and what not," said Rollins. "You know everybody has a bunch of feelings about it and what actually happened."

Others in the community were shocked and did not know about the incident.

"I was in complete shock when you told me about it," said Dorothy Daughtery. "It makes me sad and I fear for the rest of the residents..."

Ritchie County resident, Dorothy Daughtery says that what happened was unnecessary and feels awful for the victims family.

"I feel sorry for the victim and their family," said Daughtery. "That's nonsense there's no need to be shooting anybody."

According to officials, no arrests have been made yet and the incident is under investigation.