Congressman David McKinley hosts discussion with veterans

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FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) - Issues such as health care and post-traumatic stress disorder were some of the key discussions veterans had with Congressman David McKinley.

He hosted the round table discussion with veterans in Fairmont to hear what their concerns were.

One veteran from Harrison County came to Fairmont to discuss things, including something he brought up before today.

That's the idea of the three-digit number for veterans to call in the event of an emergency. He told us he feels sometimes an 800 number isn't always the easiest to remember. When it comes to veterans needing certain services, he thinks they need something that can be a little bit more immediate.

"I would like to see a nationwide phone number," said Jack Morton. "A four digit or three digit number for suicide prevention because when a veteran is thinking about harming himself, he's not going to remember an 800 number."

After the meeting, we asked Congressman McKinley about that being brought to his attention again.

"You can hit 623, whatever that number is, something that should be easy to remember and I think it's a great idea," McKinley said. "We tried it before, and we were rejected. Let's try it again. Different administration, whole different outlook toward life."