Congressmen on train that crashed in Crozet react

Courtesy: CBS19 News

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Representative Roger Marshall from Kansas sprang to action on Wednesday when an Amtrak train bound for West Virginia crashed into a dump truck in western Crozet.

"I was riding along like anyone would be, and I heard a big bump," he said. "Someone yelled, 'are there any physicians available?' And I’m a doctor, so I sprinted down."

The freshman congressman ran down to the dump truck where he found injured people inside and he wasn’t alone.

"We're pretty fortunate we have seven or eight physicians in Congress," said Marshall. "We did our best to help the second gentlemen. I did CPR, but it didn’t look good for him. But the other gentlemen we were able to keep a pulse."

The train was carrying Republican members of Congress on their way to an annual retreat. One congressman says they didn’t realize what happened at first.

"It was a jarring type of sound and feeling, strange almost like an explosion but then the train kept going normally," said Representative Jeff Fortenberry from Nebraska. "I think my first thought was that something got caught underneath because it was a strange sound."

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It has been reported that Representative Jason Lewis from Minnesota was the only congressman taken to the hospital with injuries. He was discharged after being treated for a concussion.

Virginia Congressmen Tom Garrett, Bob Goodlatte, and David Brat all were not on the train.

"The Capitol Police do an amazing job," said Marshall. "I looked around because I was on the baseball team, so some of us are kind of jumpy. It was great to see the Capitol Police on the job. We have an incredible group of men and women there."