Construction underway at Hazel Ruby McQuain Park

Right now much of Hazel Ruby McQuain in Morgantown is just pile of dirt.

It's a pile of dirt that Morgantown city officials say has a lot of potential. They're hoping to get more use of the space when the project is finished.

"It wasn't really being used to its full potential," said Emily Muzzarelli, the Assistant City Manager for the City of Morgantown. "This was a project that the city and the trust felt could be brought to life and be a lot more vibrant."

They want to get more use of the space and to improve the amenities in order to make it more inviting for the public.

"Some of the major changes that you'll be able to see is a new restroom facility, there will be a brand new building adjacent to the depot," Muzzarelli. "There will also be some sun shades over some of the amphitheater seating."

For the next year, it's under construction. Portions of the trail are closed, but that hasn't stopped people from utilizing the area and checking out the work. The goal is by this time next year to start getting use out of the renovations.

"A larger plaza area in front of the depot to allow for gathering space," Muzzarelli said. "Closer to the Walnut Street Landing there will be some enhanced parking areas, kayak launches."

When it comes time for more events, big or small, they're hoping to make the space even more comfortable. They'll also have areas for people to set up towels or chairs on top of the hills.

"Currently during some of the afternoon events it gets very warm down there. So there will be some sun shades to protect against some of that."