Consumer Electronics Week had a gadget for everyone

Published: Jul. 18, 2017 at 6:04 PM EDT
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From indestructible tablet covers to virtual 3D coloring, Consumer Electronics Week had something for everyone under the sun.

It's the grill on the go. The solar powered "GoSun" lets you bake, roast and steam in the sun.

"You load food into these stainless steel trays, it goes inside a vacuum insulated chamber, it's absorbing sunlight and turning it into heat any day of the year it's pretty much fair game as long as you have light," said GoSun founder Patrick Sherwin.

As long as you have a smart phone there were plenty of exciting new apps for children.

The animals and colors are mesmerizing. This is the latest in augmented reality. "Aria" is a new interactive application that lets kids draw in 3D.

"You're going to stick it in front of the camera and it's going to come to life in the color that you drew it in...They see it on the actual device and in 3D so you can turn it around and see it from all different angles," said Steven Irigoyen from Odyssey Toys.

For new parents, baby monitors are now wearable. This one from MonBaby clips to your child's PJs, sending an alert to your phone if there's a problem.

"Once it's clipped and connects to the phone it monitors your breathing, movement and rollover," said Art Vaitaitis of MonBaby.

There's also another app that lets you test your vision by using your smartphone.

Simply click the EyeQue to your screen to begin.

"You overlap lines at different angles and once you're done we can tell you how nearsighted, how farsighted, and how much of a stigmatism you have," said Phoebe Yu of EyeQue.

But it's only a baseline for yourself, not a prescription. Just one of the many inventions offering a clear vision of the near future.

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