Many rally in support of renewed contract for Fairmont State President

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MARION COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Questions, complaints, and concerns filled the board room corridor at Fairmont State University, only to be replaced with applause and cheers.

Around 7pm Monday night, Fairmont State president, Mirta Martin's contract was renewed for another 3 years.

The issue began to arise when Martin's original contact that began in January of 2018 neared an end with no future plan in place.

The Fairmont State Board of Governors held what they called a "special meeting" to discuss the possible renewal of Martin"s contract.

Student government president, Tyler Keller says the decision should be a no-brainer, considering all the benefits he believes Martin has brought to the university.

"We can see the tangible evidence of the progress that's being made on this university. Our enrollment is up, we can see more people on campus, there's this air of excitement that you can see around campus. A board who has the university's best interests at heart would not let such an accomplished individual walk", said Keller.

The Board of Governors discussed the matter of Martin's contract behind closed doors for about two and a half hours, while supporters patiently waited outside for their final say.

Martin said she was honored by the amount of people who had come to supporter her

"I'm grateful and humble that the community sees me as one of their own even though I'm a relative new comer, I'm very grateful", said Martin.

By the meeting's end, the board announced that Martin's contract would be renewed for another three years and will begin January 1st of 2020.

"I'm very grateful to faculty, the staff, the students, the legislatures, the community leaders, the donors, the alumni, everyone who has continuously supported Fairmont State and myself", said Martin.

The terms and conditions for Martin's new contract are to be developed and she is excited to continue her leadership at Fairmont State.