Controlled chaos

Today the town of Morgantown is gearing, up for one of its busiest days of the year, move-in day. West Virginia University will be welcoming 5,400 new students, a 7.3 increase since last year. Also returning are 20,000 more students who are eager with excitement.

Kevin Yloge says, "Everyone is happy to come back, everyone is happy to start classes. All the freshman are excited, all of the parents are excited so it's just a good time for everyone."

Dominck, a junior here at West Virginia University has been here all summer and is excited to see some life put back into Morgantown.

"it's just nice to see some fresh faces, new things added to campus, the atmosphere its just refreshing especially since I have been here all summer. It was a ghost town and now the streets are packed, I'm hyped for the year."

All over families are saying goodbye to their children but are looking forward to their next four years.

A parent dropping off his son today, John says, "Today is a very proud day, my son is going to be in his first year at West Virginia University and my daughter graduated last year so this is almost home to us."

But with thousands of students moving in there is now a concern on the effects it will have on the roads.

"You have everybody coming in at the same time it's going to be at its peak. We're actually about to go to work in a little bit so this is going to suck to get there but you know it's excepted."

The typical move-in date has always been a Friday but with employees not working today the hope is there will be a reduce amount of traffic.

"Traffic was good, they're always organized. Everybody is here to help you and it's going good," says John.

Many parents are pleased with the way WVU officials helped with what many are calling "controlled chaos,"