Coons Run PSD customers receiving unusually high bills, PSD calling it a glitch

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Coons Run PSD customers have received higher bills than normal this week, with payments due ranging from $300 to $4,000.

Multiple residents have come forward with bills showing unrealistic water use and dates ranging from six days of use to over a month.

"If we do pay it then are we going to be reimbursed when we really haven't used that water in the first place?," said customer Laura Chickerell. "One of the things was the account number and the meter number may not be matching. So how do you know what you're really paying for whose meter or whose water?"

The unusal bills come just months after the PSD was found to have committed fraud and is missing more than $26,000.

However, residents like Lisa Boyle say the missing money isn't the only issue the PSD has caused with customers over the years.

"It has been up and down in terms of the water quality," said Boyle. "We've got letters before about how they've not done testing for a period of time. And the water quality when they did test wasn't what it should've been. My kids won't even drink the water at my house."

So why such high bills?
5 News went to the PSD to learn more and they gave the following statement: "Our electronic read computer or billing has a glitch and for some reason is reading higher. We've been in contact with Master Meters to get it repaired, but we've been without internet the past two days and ask customers to bear with us."

Residents say the PSD, that currently has only two board members, has asked the community to volunteer and help them, but customers say they've never been notified of any issues.

"We'd all probably do anything we could to help the community, but why is this?," said Boyle.

"Yeah we're not trying to cause problems, but we want answers," said Chickerell.

The PSD has advised customers to pay the minimum on their bills, which is around $30, until the issue is resolved.