Correctional officers facing charges after inmate's escape

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Investigators say three correctional officers, who were working at the South Central Regional Jail at the time of Todd Boyes' escape, just turned themselves in to West Virginia State Police.

Courtesy: WSAZ

Allison Bryant, 22, of Walkersville, Pamela McNeely, 47, of Lenore, and Jordan Toler, 22, of Lincoln County, are all charged with permitting escape.

According to a Kanawha County magistrate, that is a misdemeanor charge.

According to the criminal complaint, Bryant was working in a guard tower and allowed Boyes to walk through an open door and into the main section of the jail.

Bryant failed to make sure the section door was locked and also didn't tell any other employees Boyes has walked out into the main jail, according to the criminal complaint.

According to court documents, McNeely opened the doors for Boyes as he walked out of the front of the jail.

McNeely told investigators she thought Boyes was a counselor coming out of the jail, so she let him out without any identification.

During the investigation of the escape, it was discovered Boyes was scheduled to have a physical on the afternoon of his escape.

Toler was sent to get Boyes from his cell to have the physical.

Toler, who has since been terminated from the jail, returned to the nurses station with a "refusal to consent to treatment" form.

The document wasn't signed by Boyes, but was instead signed by Toler. She said he refused to sign the form.

According to the criminal complaint, this allowed further concealment of Boyes' escape from the jail.

Five guards were suspended without pay at the start of the investigation. There is no word if the other two guards will also face charges.

It is the latest development after inmate Todd Boyes escaped from the South Central Regional Jail at the end of October.

Boyes walked out of the front door dressed in plain clothes.

We told you Wednesday in a WSAZ investigation that the jail's exterior cameras do not record.

He was not noticed by jail staff and reported missing for more that 36 hours.

Boyes' mother, Robin Helton of Caldwell, Ohio, was arrested the day after Boyes was caught trying to cross into Mexico.

Helton is facing escape charges after she told troopers and U.S. Marshals in a telephone call that she agreed to assist him.

Investigators say she drove Boyes to Texas and later told them, "I'd do it again because he's my son."

Helton is out of jail on bond.

In a WSAZ investigation Wednesday, we uncovered new details pertaining to the escape and security at the facility. Read below for the details.

Spokesperson Lawrence Messina said Wednesday that there is still no timeline for how much longer the investigation will take. It has lasted more than one month so far.