Correctional officers honored by state on Corrections Day

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Nine state correctional officers were honored in Charleston Friday in honor of Corrections Day at the state legislature.

The nine officers are inaugural recipients of the Secretary’s Freedom Award, which "recognizes dedication, perseverance and above-and-beyond service in the line of duty" within the Division of Corrections and Regional Jail Authority.

According to the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, officers also took part in the Senate and House floor session, where legislators adopting a resolution for Corrections Day.

“These nine are outstanding examples of the men and women who work so hard to keep us safe and further the ends of justice,” stated Military Affairs and Public Safety Secretary Jeff Sandy.

You can view the list of honorees and the reason they were honored below.

Recipients of the Secretary’s Freedom Award for Distinguished Service:

Category: Correctional Officer
Jeremiah Lee Jenkins, Correctional Officer I, Division of Corrections, for quickly responding to and resolving an inmate-on-officer assault at the Northern Correctional Center last month.

Category: Community-Based Employee
Robin Mauck, Corrections Program Specialist, Division of Juvenile Services, for her leadership at the Youth Reporting Centers in Berkeley and Jefferson counties.

Category: Facility Warden, Administrator or Director
Jeremy Dolin, Facility Director, Division of Juvenile Services, for leading a team from his facility in response to a staffing shortage at another facility over the Memorial Day 2017 weekend.

Category: Support Staff, Central Office Headquarters
Kimberly Wilson, Administrative Services Assistant III, Regional Jail Authority, for implementing improvement that have helped RJA collect more than $500,000 in past-due debts.

CDomenico Esposito, Field Training Officer, Division of Juvenile Services, for routinely going above and beyond at the Vicki V. Douglas Juvenile Center by volunteering for difficult assignments, building positive relationships with the community, and donating countless hours of his personal time to improve the facility.

Category: Investigations
Curtis Dixon, Corrections Investigator III, DMAPS Investigations Unit, for his bulldog tenacity that uncovered an extensive and dangerous contraband smuggling scheme at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex. Dixon’s five-month investigation led to felony charges against a lieutenant at the state’s maximum-security prison.

Category: Parole Officer
Bryan Thompson, Enhanced Supervision Parole Officer, for assisting in multiple escapees and absconders captures while becoming a go-to officer for fugitive operations by law enforcement.

Category: Special Operations
Sgt. Wesley Williams, Correctional Officer, Division of Corrections, for helping to rescue a domestic violence victim and facilitate the arrest of her assailant while supervising an inmate road work crew.

Category: Special Recognition - “Gung Ho” Award
Larissa Mackall, Correctional Officer II, Division of Juvenile Services, for unfailingly reporting to duty at the most staff-challenged facility in the system while facing and overcoming numerous personal hardships.