Counselors help students fight stress of college applications

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - High school seniors are right in crunch time with college applications.

Many schools have deadlines coming up, and that's leaving seniors stressed and anxious.

Some of those deadlines are November 1 and others January 1. High school counselors suggest prioritizing to help contain a lot of the anxiety.

"Sometimes it's good just to give them a place to get that off their chest," said Roger Wilkinson, a counselor at Robert C. Byrd High School. "A lot of times they'll be better just to know that they're not alone, because they certainly aren't. They feel they're taking on more than anybody else and that's not necessarily the case. Sometimes they do need to prioritize."

Counselors feel a proper balance is important.

"They think that it has to be perfect," Wilkinson said. "A lot of times that's not the case. Good grades can help a lower score and a good score can help lower grades. Different schools look at different things but everybody's looking more at the whole package."

At Morgantown High School, counselors and students work together throughout all four years. One counselor explained how that helps them address stress and anxiety.

"When they do start getting stressed and a teacher is able to see that stress in them, we're able to talk to those students individually and really get a feeling and understanding, and help them through that difficult time," said Brian Ruehle, a school counselor at Morgantown High School.

When it comes to students heavily involved in extra curricular activities or with a hefty course load, counselors have some tips to tackle all of the responsibilities.

"Sometimes they need to prioritize," Wilkinson said. "Sometimes it's a matter of asking for fewer hours at work, sometimes it's maybe I'm playing one sport this year instead of two, things like that. There's only so much that you can do."