DIY Slime

MOMSEVERYDAY -- In this segment of MomsEveryday, Host Whitney Kent learns from Slime Expert Ella how to make slime. You can see their conversation below:

Whitney: "What do we need?"

Ella: "School glue, borax, two bottles of shaving cream, food coloring and lotion."

Whitney: "Okay, so we’ve got all the supplies and what’s going on here? What did you mix together?"

Ella: "Here we have glue and we put some shaving cream in it."

Whitney: "Okay, and you just mix it around, right? Oh, it’s so pretty already, it looks like marshmallow, but don’t eat it right?"

Ella: "No. In here we have warm water and we put a tablespoon of borax."

Whitney: "And you just pour it in?"

Ella: "A little bit at a time."

Whitney: "A little bit at a time, okay. Oooh, look what it’s doing. It’s starting to get that consistency. Oh my gosh, oaky, good stuff. This is so much fun."

Ella: "We have the recipe at, if you wanna check it out. Thanks for joining us. Want to say goodbye, a sloppy goodbye?"