DOH, Monongalia County Commission meet to discuss ways to treat roads

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - "We're at a crisis stage in Monongalia County."

That's what Monongalia County Commissioner Tom Bloom said about a month ago regarding the roads.

Now they're taking steps in order to get the problem resolved. They met with the Division of Highways on Wednesday afternoon in Morgantown to discuss not only how they can work together, but also projects going on right now and in the future.

"We can have an overlay of the projects as they proceed each and every year that way the county residents once we get some other way of information gathering, they can go right there and click on it and say okay, that's what was done last year and here's what's done this year," said Commission President Ed Hawkins.

DOH District 4 Manager Don Williams agreed -- saying it was a beneficial discussion. Williams brought several things to the discussion, such as road priorities and staffing.

"Communication is key in my world," Williams said. "Today we tried to explain what our limitations are, what our budgets are, and also listen to ideas about how we can do better in the future."

The two sides were excited about the future, and how they can work together. One of the major projects going on now is in one of the central locations in the county, right at Easton Hill.

"In the afternoon if you're trying to come back to this side of town, yeah it's a pretty big inconvenience," said Eric Wright. "Or if you're trying to get back to that side of town in the evening, you're usually waiting about a good 10-15 minutes."

"At the other point, they could have just expanded the road, made it two lanes up, two lanes down and went about it that way," said Roy Drake.

One of the big things they're going to have to do coming up is to shut down Easton Hill -- but when?

"We're looking at the middle of July," Williams said. "We have our engineers looking at it as we speak about a hard date. We have to determine exactly where the contractor is at but we hope next week to have a press release saying when we're going to shut Easton Hill down for good for two weeks."