West Run Road: DOH has vision for improvements

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - West Run Road in Morgantown, as some put it, is narrow, dangerous, and just an unpleasant driving experience.

Some of those concerns that many have could soon be a thing of the past. Division of Highways officials tell 5 News addressing these concerns is on their radar, but it's a project that would take plenty of time and patience.

"Seems like it just needs some permanent solutions to the potholes," said Joshua Holbrook. "As soon as we get weather, rain or snow, they just come right back up."

"I just feel like it needs to be re-paved all together as a whole," said Isaiah Keys. "As far as the narrowness goes, you can work with it, but my big concern is repaving it."

Some say it has been a problem for years. The biggest concern for some has been how narrow it is, and the speed of different sized cars and trucks going down the road.

There also aren't any guardrails.

If you come down Stewartstown Road, you end up at a four-way intersection. You can take a left toward Riddle Avenue and Van Voorhis Road. Division of Highways District 4 Manager Don Williams says work is about to begin in the area.

"We have a contractor and they're doing widening, redoing a lot of drainage work," said Williams. That project's behind schedule but they're making good progress. There's a paving project that would go up Van Voorhis and then go out West Run for some distance. That's the project that's under contract to be paved this year."

If you take a right at the same intersection, it takes you toward two apartment complexes. That's where many say the road needs to be widened.

"That was probably an old access road to farms in that area in its past," Williams said. "There were several big farms in that area."

Williams said the DOH hopes to have plans for the widening in the next 12-18 months. It would be a roughly $10-13 million project.