Dangerous intersection in Weston is causing safety concerns

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LEWIS COUNTY, W.va. (WDTV) - East Third Street and Court Avenue is a busy intersection in Weston, and it's also a dangerous one.

"It's kind of a tricky intersection. As you're approaching it, the light turns yellow, the stop bar is back away from the light a little way, so people, a lot of times, think they have the time to make it through the intersection, but they don't" says Weston Police Chief Josh Thomas.

"I tell you, it's dangerous. The problem is the turn lane going east and west is so far back, it takes them awhile to make that turn, so you better wait a couple seconds after the light turns green or you're going to get, possibly t-boned" says retired drivers-ed teacher Mark Workman.

After a pedestrian was nearly struck at this intersection, the Weston Police Department took to Facebook to warn drivers about the dangers of breaking traffic laws.

"We don't want to write anyone a ticket, you know, we would love to have voluntary compliance with the law and never have to write anybody a ticket. Unfortunately, that sometimes can't be accomplished" says Police Chief Thomas.

This intersection is very close to the middle school, meaning that the safety of these students walking to and from school is a top priority.

"We have children who come across here every day to get to school, we have children going across it in the evenings leaving school and it is very dangerous for them" says Weston resident Connie Bailey.

The Division of Highways has increased the timing of the yellow light from three to four seconds, and Police Chief Thomas is hoping that this will help with some of the issues.

"Hopefully, I don't want to look at that as it gives people more time to get through there. Hopefully, it gives them more time to get stopped before they go through the red light" says Thomas.

Weston Police Department's Facebook post:

"As many of you are aware there is a major issue at the intersection of East Thirds Street and Court Avenue. This particular stoplight is a very dangerous intersection as motorists disobey the stop light numerous times a day. One of the problems is the stop bar is located a good distance from the intersection, motorists reach the stop bar and the light is yellow, they then try to make it through before the light turns red but because of the distance it is near impossible. The yellow light is to caution drivers that the light will soon be changing to red and to prepare them to stop, not to warn them to hurry up and try to make it through the light. We have received several complaints from citizens concerning this intersection. During school times children often must cross the street there as well as other pedestrians which makes this situation even more dangerous. In response to this known and issue and the complaints, beginning this month this intersection will become a targeted enforcement area and officers will be conducting dedicated patrols to that intersection to watch for violations. Now, contrary to popular belief members of the Weston Police Department do not enjoy writing anyone a citation and we would prefer not to write citations all together but unfortunately there are some instances when we must. We would prefer voluntary compliance with the traffic laws, hence the reason this is being posted. It is posted in hopes of reaching as many people as possible so that we gain voluntary compliance with the traffic signal at the intersection and issue as few citations as possible! As always we encourage everyone to drive safe!"