Day two of Jenkins murder trial

Elizabeth Jenkins
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV)- Tuesday marked day two of the trial for a Clarksburg woman accused of the murder of an Ohio woman last year.

In court, Clarksburg Police Sgt. Detective Mike Walsh took the witness stand while the tape of his interview with Elizabeth Jenkins played for the jury.

In the recording, Jenkins admits Daniel Amsler and Warren Hall planned on robbing Keyairy Wilson for money and drugs.

Jenkins claimed she had the gun in her hand, but did not know the safety was off and accidentally shot Wilson. Jenkins says the gun was meant to scare the victim, but she never meant to hurt anyone.

Jenkins stated the three suspects were in the kitchen, while she argued with Wilson over a pack of cigarettes. She claims that is when the gun went off and says she shot Wilson in the stomach or chest. Afterwards, she told the detectives she cut Wilson's wrists with a knife to make it look like an accident. Jenkins does not believe Wilson was dead at that time.

After the shooting, Jenkins admitted that the two male suspects used black bags to move the body. Jenkins claims her and Amsler then took the body to a location in the woods and cut Wilson more. She cannot remember exactly where they took the body.

Later, Amsler and Hall cleaned up the mess at the house. Jenkins says she does not recall what happened to the knife and gun used in the crime.

Jenkins admitted in the interview with Sgt. Walsh that the three suspects were high on drugs at the time of the crime.