Deadly Flooding in Arizona

(CBS) -- Cellphone video captures flash flooding as it tore through central Arizona on Saturday.

Officials estimate more than 100 people were at a popular swimming hole as the wall of water and debris came barreling down Ellison Creek and the East Verde River.

Footage shot by Disa Alexander shows one man in a tree above the rapids clinging to a young child.

14 family members were reportedly celebrating a birthday there. Nine bodies were recovered... The youngest of them just two years old.

Rescuers airlifted four stranded family members to safety. One woman says she's desperate for information on her missing brother.

One witness says all they heard was this tremendous roar.

Ron Sattelmaier is the local fire chief and says saturday's thunderstorm intensified over a remote area scorched by last month's "Highline fire."

And all of that debris and ash and everything came roaring down that drainage and caught those people totally by surprise.

Thick soot and mud have only made it more difficult for some 40 people searching at least five miles of rocky and rural terrain.

We are taking our time. And there's a lot of debris piles that we're trying, you know, to check through and make sure that there's nobody in there.

Arizona is in the middle of monsoon season, when explosive mixtures of heat and moisture can cause powerful storms and flash flooding. More thunderstorms and heavy rain are forecast here today.

The National Weather Service estimated up to 1.5 inches of rain fell over the area in an hour.