Dealing with flood aftermath

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"The waters went down a lot since yesterday" says Salem resident Rosa Blake.

Yesterday's rain caused major flooding in different counties all over North Central West Virginia.

"My neighbors yard, over there, was clear up in my yard and my whole backyard, where my garden is, the wood pile and everything, there's water. It's still out there but not as bad" says Blake. "And on the front here, from the road, where it comes down the road, it was clear up to the steps of my front porch."

Thankfully, many of those flooded spots have cleared up. Yesterday, the park in Mannington was completely underwater, but today, all that water has gone down. Water Street looked like part of the creek from all of the flooding, but today, that street is back open for cars to pass through.

"It was ready to break in my yard and really the creek needs a lot of attention. It needs to be groomed by the people or the city, ever who's responsible, and it needs to be cleaned up" says Mannington resident Harold Rosencrance.

Route 18 North in West Union was another road closed for high waters yesterday. That road is open today, but community members say that they won't be surprised if it closes back down once the rain picks up again.

"Yeah, the creek gets pretty high, so I would assume that if it's like yesterday, then this road will probably be closed again" says West Union resident Valerie Keenan.

Regardless of where you live, these flooded areas are making homeowners a bit nervous.

"The water has done so much damage to our properties. One of these days it's going to get up and do damage to my house, maybe" says Blake.

"But after last summers, yeah, I get nervous because you don't know how quickly or how far it's going to come up now" adds Mannington resident Donna Rosencrance.