Managing mom guilt

MOMSEVERYDAY -- One thing that is certain to accompany parenthood is guilt.

Our job as parents is to lovingly guide our children into responsible and kind adults. But that doesn’t come without questioning our practices or getting wrapped up in some ideal of the perfect mom, and then feeling like a failure when you can’t meet those expectations. Recently, the MomsEveryday panel discussed letting go of guilt.

Bridget: "Guilt is a heavy load in that, for me it was something I had to work through, losing a daughter and thinking 'What could I have done?'

Kim: "Everything I do, like, I feel like I should have done something else. 'I shouldn’t have talked to my daughter in that tone of voice. I should have gotten her to school on time and that was my fault because I was doing this, this and this.'"

Juliette: "You can’t do anything about what’s happened before, you can learn from it."

We want you to know that you’re doing great!