Dealing with picky eaters

If you’ve got a picky eater on your hands, Dr. Nimali Fernando, a pediatrician also known as "Dr. Yum" has some useful advice. Is your toddler not eating? Don’t panic!

"So what happens with toddlers is they stop growing very fast. In the first years of life, they're growing at like the speed of light, and they're hungry and so they eat and you get used to them eating voraciously. And then what happens in the toddler years is their growth curve goes from very steep to quite flat and so they're just not hungry people, these little toddlers," Fernando says.

She says it can drive us crazy because we want to see them eat, but it’s better to not overreact. She recommends still putting good food on the plate and if they decide not to eat, that’s okay. Dr. Fernando says provide lots of healthy options and when they’re hungry, they will eat. She says resist the urge to make them something else or offer snacks instead. Focus meals on being together as a family, not how many bites of peas they eat.

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