Dealing with 'technoference'

MOMSEVERYDAY -- A new study suggests that our smart devices are creating a disconnect between parents and kids, something that social scientists have dubbed 'technoference'.

Family scientist Brandon McDaniel of Illinois State University came up with the term, which combines 'technology' and 'interference'.

"It’s a term that deals with the everyday very minor sorts of intrusions, interruptions that our technology devices may elicit," he says.

In a study, researchers found parents who had a harder time managing their own phone use were more likely to also have 'technoference' occurring in their relationship with their child. Great 'technoference' was also linked to worse behavior.

McDaniel suggests creating tech-free zones or times, like when parents are putting their child to bed or during mealtimes. Family members can easily stack their phones or put them in a basket when entering these zones.