Dept. of Agriculture offers training for farmers in Morgantown

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Many of you have probably feared some sort of food poisoning in the past, and you might even wonder how your food is actually made.

State officials met with farmers in Morgantown to give them some tips on producing foods in a safer way.

"This is a training for farmers to educate them about food safety," said Jodi Richmond from WVU Extension Services. "It's to educate them about the food safety concerns that they may have on their specific operation, to tell them how they can get certified for GAP and other trainings that would help them not only ensure that they have a safe product for the consumer, but also how they can use that as a marketing tool."

The training brought back some who have been there before, and also brought in some first timers. For Hilary Bright, she's trying to get back to her farming roots.

"I have a long history of farming," Bright said. "I come from a family of farmers, I was farming when I was younger, when I was a kid. You have to try and prevent contamination by animals, so these policies and procedures that we're going to implement through the certification will let people know we're trying to protect the food from contamination from maybe deer, rabbits, groundhogs."

While she doesn't own a farm now, she has ideas and thoughts on ways to keep products safe.

"We're taking all measures to try and prevent as much contamination as possible to make sure that the food for them and their family is safe," said Bright.

Another woman owns a farm in Preston County. She said this training will help with bookkeeping in case any questions come up.

"Everything that leaves our farm has a code once it leaves," said Deborah Fike. "So we know exactly what day it was harvested, what field it came from, what planting date, when it was the last sprayed, if it was sprayed at all. If someone complains that they got sick or they think it was sprayed with something, we can look back at our crop records."