Detectives find more than $90,000 in crystal meth inside 'Frozen' bags

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RACELAND, Ky. (WSAZ) -- If you're a parent with a relatively young child, there's a good chance you've had "Frozen" lyrics stuck in your head a time or two... or a million. However, detectives have a warning for parents after finding drugs inside of kid-friendly packaging.

"Parents and concerned citizens should be cautious about suspicious packages with cartoon characters on them," detectives said.

Detectives made a huge drug bust and found thousands of doses of crystal methamphetamine inside plastic baggies. Characters from the movie "Frozen" are on the packaging.

Investigators from the F.A.D.E Drug Task Force and Raceland Police Department recently intercepted the meth delivery.

The suspects had about 4,500 doses of meth with a total street value of more than $90,000.

"Detectives can not express how dangerous this substance is," investigators said. "Parents should be vigilant with their children and be aware of what packaging the child may have."

Charges are pending according to F.A.D.E detectives.