Dick's Sporting Goods to stop selling guns and hunting gear in 125 stores

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - On Tuesday, Dick's Sporting Good's CEO announced the chain will pull guns and hunting gears from the shelves of 125 stores in 2019.

The company has not said which of its stores will lose their firearms, but residents in NCWV say if some of the stores are in West Virginia then the company and its customers will suffer.

"If they stop selling firearms in the state of West Virginia, or all Dick's in West Virginia, it's going to take a hit really bad," said resident Chaz Webster. "Not so much on Dick's, but the people of West Virginia because people love firearms and love to hunt especially."

Despite not knowing if some of the stores will be in West Virginia, residents like Bruce Bradley say the company might as well close if they won't offer hunting gear.

"If they stop selling firearms and hunting clothes then they might as well shut their doors," said Bradley. "There is no point to it. This is West Virginia. It's a hunting state and it always will be."

Last year the company announced it would ban the sales of assault-style weapons after it was found the Parkland, Florida school shooter had used a gun purchased from Dick's.

The CEO says the store will replace their firearms with other items that will help the company grow, but residents don't see many other options for expansion once the guns are gone.

"They could try to expand out and make it more like a clothing retail store, like sports retail, more than anything else Dick's associates with," said Webster.