Doddridge County officials suggest traffic light at Rt. 50 and Snowbird Rd intersection

Published: Jun. 14, 2019 at 4:18 PM EDT
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"It's a dangerous intersection," said Greg Cottrill.

Doddridge County Park Director Greg Cottrill is talking about the Rt. 50 and Snowbird Road intersection.

The intersection gives residents access to the county park, a restaurant, gas station, and a soon to be new Antero/Mark West plant.

George Eidel, Emergency Manager for Doddridge County, says the new plant will soon make the intersection even busier.

"There is going to be a lot more traffic there," said Eidel, "There will be a lot more people, at least 300 to 400 employees will be estimated there."

With the county anticipating more trucks and traffic driving through the intersection, officials have suggested a way to try and keep the intersection as safe as possible.

"What we're looking to do is ease that up a little bit. So we suggested to the company that a light would be a good idea. Now, where they go from there I don't know."

Eidel says Antero supports putting in the light, but the final approval must come from the Department of Transportation to do it.

Park Director Cottrill is also supportive of the light at the Snowbird & Rt.50 intersection after one of his employees was involved in a car accident there.

"Just a couple of weeks ago one of our lifeguards was in an accident at that intersection pulling out of Snowbird onto Rt.50, and was hit and broke his leg," said Cottrill. "That hit very close to home, obivously."

Besides a new traffic light at Snowbird and Rt. 50, Eidel says another problem area parents and bus drivers would like a light at is the intersection leading into Doddridge County Middle School. However, that too is up to the DOT.

"Getting out of that because the traffic slows to 40mph, hopefully, and what it does is just makes traffic that much more difficult to get across," said Eidel. "So it'd be nice to have a light there as well."

As of now there are no set plans or timeline for a traffic light coming to the intersection. 5 News reached out to Antero about the traffic light possibility, but was unable to reach anyone.

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