Domestic call turns into major drug & firearm bust

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MORGANTOWN, W. Va. (WDTV)-- The Monongalia County Sheriff's Office thought they were responding to a domestic situation, with the possibility of a gun being involved.

However, when they arrived to a quiet area of Goodwin Hill Road, things took a turn.

"Each call may lead to something very serious, so they take it serious. When they know there is a gun involved, we had three officers show up to that domestic with extreme caution," said Sheriff Perry Palmer of the Monongalia County Sheriff's Office.

Police say, Edwin Blake Seal Jr. appeared to be the only person in the house. Seal let police search is house and according to the criminal complaint the officer smelled marijuana in the basement coming from a safe.

Police say Seal wouldn't give them permission to open the safe and police soon figured out why.

"There was approximately $5,800 in cash, 5 pistols, a couple rifles and the drugs," said Palmer.

Palmer says there were 1.2 Kilograms of marijuana with a street value of $10,000. 59.5 grams of mushrooms with an $1,000 value and 8 grams of crystal meth with about an $800 value.

"He was charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver because they were packaged," said Palmer.

According to the criminal complaint police also found smoking devices, digital scales unidentified powders and bags for packaging.

Palmer says these busts do happen on occasion and it's important for the community to know they're working to take the drugs off the streets.

"It's just good to let the people know, and the county know, that we are out there and are actively pursuing any kind of drugs that might be out there."

Police say they don't know just how long Seal will be in jail, but it could be anywhere from 1-15 years.

Everything was put into evidence until his trial. Police also say they haven't found the other person who was allegedly inside the house. Police are still investigating, stick with 5 News for the latest.