Doorbell camera shows man returning dropped wallet to owner's home

(CNN/WJLA) -- Katie Egger Makris was working out when the door-bell camera alerted her around 6 a.m.

"You're looking for package theft, or car break-ins or something that is happening on your street. you're very rarely looking for something good," she said.

Then, Makris realized she was in such a rush-she forgot to zip her bag, so her wallet tumbled onto the snowy street.

"Typically in this city, if you lose your wallet, um, it's gone."

The man in the Dallas hat picked it up and pinpointed the address. First, he tries to put it in Makris' mailbox then he tucks it safely under her mat.

"Not many people would have stopped. Many people would have just driven right over it."

In a day-and-age where those credit cards are tangled up with so much technology, whoever the good Samaritan is, he saved Makris a lot of time and money.

"There is so much negativity that we always see these days and especially the last couple weeks. I think it has been really rough on people, so I was really happy to share something really positive."