Drive-Thru nativity show brings many visitors

Published: Dec. 16, 2019 at 12:24 AM EST
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An almost two-decade-old Christmas tradition opened to the public on Saturday and Sunday in Harrison County.

Visitors drove through a strip where animals and characters from the nativity story come to life.

"We have a little bit of Bethlehem here tonight, we have seven scenes up to the major where the messiah is laying in a major in a crib," said Pastor Paul Boyles.

The Middleville Baptist Church has been performing the Christmas story to the public for 19 years.

"It really is a label of love and everyone comes together. Young to old, it doesn't matter what your age, everyone is welcome to participate in our live nativity," coordinator, Gina Sharps said.

And for those who don't participate...they enjoy the five to ten minute trip through the different biblical scenes.

"One of the really beautiful things about our live nativity that we hear from families in our community is that this is how they anchor their Christmas season by coming through our live nativity and viewing the scenes and just being mindful of the true meaning of Christmas," Sharps said.

"If they come through here and they just feel the love of all the people that are unified and sharing Christ with our community right now, I hope they can see that and maybe become a part of that," Boyles said.