Drivers struggle with low visibility

Published: Jan. 30, 2017 at 5:06 PM EST
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On top of the snow covered roads, extremely low visibility made it a tough, and long commute for drivers throughout the day.

It was a struggle for those going to work but if you ask those who spend their days driving for their jobs, they told us what it was like for them.

The main issues were in Monongalia and Marion counties. The roads were wet and slushy. On top of having to pay attention to the roads, strong white outs made the daily commute extra difficult.

"They were icy, snowy, cars in the ditch," said Todd Stone.

The commute was messy, but that extended into the afternoon for those who drive for bus companies. In Morgantown, one driver told us he starts his day at home in Pennsylvania. Once he got into West Virginia, the weather was a different story.

"The conditions in Pennsylvania, my back road was a little, but my four wheel drive, I never had to use it and then when I got into West Virginia, the further in you went, it got worse," Stone said.

Throughout the day, white out conditions slammed parts of Marion County along I-79. One man spent part of his day driving throughout the county and said the weather led to delays in bus services.

"I got delayed here in town for some back ups, like on the Connector," said Ed Allen. "I don't know what the problem was there, but I had to detour and do an alternate route that put me a few minutes behind."

The DOH invited 5 News to ride along on a quick route in the morning.

DOH workers told us they work 12 hour shifts to keep the roads as clean and safe as possible. The driver we were with told us they do their best, but there are some things that people have to consider.

"It's a challenge to get to everything," said Jeff Pethtel, the Highway Administrator in Marion County for the Division of Highways. "People are, 'I want to go first.' We have to get the main roads done before anything else can move. We're expected to go when nobody else goes. We have to open the roads for everything."