EPA wraps up Clean Power Plan hearing

CHARLESTON. W.Va. (WSAZ) -- The Environmental Protection Agency wrapped up its two day hearing regarding the Clean Power Plan in Charleston, Wednesday.

Courtesy: WSAZ

It appears the opposition of the repeal was out in full force. To show their support for the Clean Power Plan, the Sierra Club presented the EPA with a 106 page transcript from their public hearing held Tuesday at the University of Charleston.

The Sierra Club's message: the Clean Power Plan is just a start, but scrapping it would be devastating to our area's future.

One example they used -- the state of Kentucky has created a number of projects using forms of clean energy.

"In Berea, Kentucky, we have a solar form that produces energy for the city of Berea. It's possible and we must move forward and create a new energy revolution and the people that's been producing energy for this nation for the past 100 years needs to be a part of the future," said Terry Blaton, of the Sierra Club.

The EPA is accepting comments from the public until mid-January.