Early voting to start Wednesday for Morgantown City Council race

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. (WDTV)-- Poll workers hit their training classes Tuesday to get ready for the city council election. City Clerk, Christine Wade says this year's election isn't traditional. There are 4 additional write-in candidates.

"We have three for ward three and one for ward seven. I think that's the biggest difference for this election," said Wade.

Early voting starts tomorrow and lasts until April 27th. Wade says there are 14 candidates, 10 of which are listed on the ballot.

One community member says he votes every year and this year is no different.

"If you want to try and make a change, regardless of how you feel, it's at least your chance to try and say you tried," said resident, David Dorsey.

According to the City of Morgantown's website, there will be lists of the write-in candidates at each polling place. This is what the clerk says is a common concern for many voters.

"I know a lot of folks are worried about how. 'What if we spell their name wrong? Will the get the vote?' As long as there is clear intent of the candidate that you wish to vote for, they will get the vote," said Wade.

With 9 precincts and 7 polling places, Wade expects there to be a couple thousand voters in this year's election.

One resident says, his business sits within city limits and is often effected by the decisions the council makes, but since his house isn't in the city he uses word of mouth to get people to the polls,

"They effect us greatly. In fact they raised the parking rates about a year ago and I still hear it from people [customers] complaining," said John Kuehn.

Wade says each member placed on city council is an important factor to the value of the city and that they each bring something different to the table.

"Residents of the city have the right to come and vote and place those right people here who are going to do the very best for the city."

If you don't get to the polls for early voting, you can still vote in the general election on April 30.