East Fairmont High School Choir has last rehearsal before heading to Hawaii

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MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - The East Fairmont High School Choir took to their last rehearsal on Monday before they head to Honolulu, Hawaii on Wednesday.

The ensemble will be performing at an honor concert at Pearl Harbor. The young singers found out about the trip last year. Choir director Skip Wilson held auditions, and now about 90 students will board a plane from the Mountain State to the sunny beaches of Hawaii.

Their repertoire consists of Americana songs and West Virginia selections. Their version of the Star Spangled Banner is arranged by an East Fairmont alumnus.

"We worked very very hard and these kids have been here for lots of hours on the evenings, on weekends, whatever it takes to represent West Virginia in Pearl Harbor to sing for our veterans and so forth," said Wilson.

Fundraising for this trip began last May. The choir managed to get all the funds that were needed by this past February.

"We cannot thank everyone especially our East Side community for all of their help and support," he said.

Students say they're very excited that thanks to parents and the community, they'll be able to go on this trip. Most importantly, they say that all their hard work is paying off.

"I feel like we learned them so quickly and it made it so much easier to like make every detail so much better," said Peyton Krepps, a senior at the school.

"I'm extremely honored and its a privilege for all of us to get this opportunity to go there and we're all just so excited," said Brittany Lawson, also a senior.

These young musicians will sing at Pearl Harbor on Friday and return home on Monday.