Special egg hunt supports children of all abilities

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MARION COUNTY, W. Va (WDTV) - Multiple organizations including Fairmont Regional Hospital, Woodman Life, and the Special Olympics of Marion County worked with the Disability Action Center to provide a modified Easter egg hunt suitable for children with disabilities.

This is the organization's tenth year holding the egg hunt.

It was inspired by personal stories from parents of children with disabilities.

"We had a lot of kids coming into our clinic for therapy and their parents were saying to us that their kids had gone to egg hunts but maybe hadn't had the success they had hoped for because other kids were faster," said Lauren Graham, program director for the Fairmont Rehab Center

The center works with volunteers from Fairmont Regional hospital and the Disability Action Center to help fill thousands of eggs that are placed strategically to make them accessible for kids with all physical abilities.

"not everybody has the mobility that they might need in order to do an egg hunt," said Graham "so we have eggs at chest height, we have eggs on the floor, we have eggs hidden well, and we have eggs out in the open, so we try to have something for everyone,"

Many kids who are in program at the disability action center, like Marina Maddow and Sean Fazio, return for the egg hunt year after year.

Now, Maddow and Fazio help to stuff some of the thousands of eggs put out for the kids.

"It's really fun to do," said Maddow

Fazio says the success of the egg hunt is all thanks to the center's director Julie Sole.

"This wouldn't be possible without Julie, she's the best director,"

The center also provided the kids and their families with free lunch and a picture with the Easter Bunny.